Flights for companies

Our company offers transportation within the Czech Republic or Slovakia. We can recommend you an airplane type which best suits your needs.

Besides we also provide air transport to European destinations. Flights to large European airports are operated by Cessna 303 only.

The air transport to/from destination in the Czech Republic or Slovakia

Our company offers air transport from Jihlava to various places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia or in the opposite direction. We will recommend you the right airplane type for the number of people in your party and amount of your luggage. Example destinations and prices (VAT exclusive):

DestinationCommander 114Cessna 303
PriceFlight timePriceFlight time
Karlovy Vary12 640 CZK70 min.23 700 CZK50 min.
Praha7 900 CZK45 min.15 800 CZK35 min.
Brno5 530 CZK30 min.10 870 CZK25 min.
Ostrava11 060 CZK60 min.21 730 CZK50 min.
Bratislava11 850 CZK65 min.21 730 CZK50 min.
Piešťany11 060 CZK60 min.21 730 CZK50 min.
Poprad20 540 CZK115 min.35 550 CZK80 min.
Košice26 070 CZK150 min.51 350 CZK110 min.

The air transport within Europe

Air Jihlava offers air transport also to other European countries, to large European airports by airplane Cessna 303. The flights are provided by two crew members, which means that number of passengers is limited to maximum of four. Below mentioned prices are VAT exclusive.

DestinationPriceFlight time
Budapest43 450 CZK100 min
Vienna23 700 CZK50 min
Venice (Venezia)67 150 CZK160 min
Salzburg39 500 CZK80 min
Innsbruck51 350 CZK120 min
Munich43 450 CZK100 min
Stuttgart55 300 CZK130 min
Frankfurt55 300 CZK130 min
Berlin45 430 CZK105 min
Dresden29 630 CZK65 min
Warsaw55 300 CZK130 min

To arrange the flight please call:

+420 567 221 922 - office

+420 732 876 359 - Mgr. Martina Knorrová, assistant

+420 602 760 578 - Ing. Zdeněk Kölbl

+420 777 922 688 - Ing. Aleš Matula

or send an email to