Flight Office GA - program for airlines

A software for doing administrative works Flight Office 2012 is a new more modern version of an original software Flight Office 2000. Its origin is dated in year 1998, when its development was started. The aim was to create a software, which would ease doing administration necessary for aeronautical organisation working.

Step by step additional parts (stocks of fuel, para records etc.) were filled in the software. These parts made of it a system, which can record most of works needed for aeronautical organisation's work. By cooperating with users and effort to react to legislative and developmental changes we try to extend the software, so it can find the widest radius of users.

What can you expect from Flight Office 2012, which is programmed in the .NET 4.0 system?

  • "surroundings" similar to the MS Office by its look, controlling and functions. 
  • content needed for complete doing of aeronautical organisation administrative works. 
  • comfortable work with data, easy searching, export into various formats (e. g. pdf, xls), possibility of opening more working windows and far more. 
  • continuous extending - new functions and parts. 
  • easy changing (import of basic data) from Flight Office 2000.

We believe that Flight Office 2012 will serve you to your satisfaction and we would be glad, if you sent us your experience and ideas for improving the software to the address flightoffice@airjihlava.cz, so that we could integrate it into new versions.

For the Flight Office team
Ing. Zdeněk Kölbl


What will happen to the older version Flight Office 2000 (1.6.12)?

  • older software is not going to be extended, completed or repaired any more anyhow.
  • support of it will be limited by the operation system Windows 7, it will not be adjusted for newer operation systems.
  • support of working for our clients will continue until announcement.
  • the last version of installation of an old version Flight Office 2000 can be downloaded here.