Air trips

Special air trip to Austrian Salzburg

Are you keen on flying, historical airplanes, F1 cars or beautiful natural scenes? If so, we suggest that you make a trip to Salzburg!

hangarDuring approximately 1 h and 20 min journey to Salzburg you can enjoy the beauty of the Czech Republic, for example Červená Lhota castle, Hluboká castle, South Bohemia, the Šumava mountains, etc. The flight above the Austrian territory will offer you a lovely view of the Dunaj river. 

In Salzburg you can visit Hangar 7 owned by Redbull company where historical airplanes, cars, F1 cars, etc. are on display. Hangar 7 is situated a short walk from the point of landing and the entrance is free.

During the way back you will see beautiful lake scenery around the city of Salzburg, the majestic Alps and Hitler´s Eagle´s Nest. 

The take-off from: Jihlava airport.

The price at full occupancy: from 5 000 CZK/person. 

More information: phone: +420 602 760 578 or email:

One-day or two-day trip to Croatian coast!

In case of one-day trips we offer the flights to Vrsar or to Mali Lošinj island in Croatia. These airports are situated near the beach and it is possible to spend 8 hours swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing on the beach. The flight is carried out by Cessna 303 for four passengers. The price of this one-day trip is 69.500 CZK.

Two-day trips to Vrsar or to Mali Lošinj island in Croatia are provided by four-seat airplane Cessna 303 too. The price is 79.500 CZK. We take-off from Jihlava airport in the morning and come back in the evening next day.

More information: phone: +420 602 760 578 or email:


Mali Lošinj