Aircraft operation

To owners who do not want to be burdened by duties and administrative works related to aircraft operation we offer the possibility to include the aircraft into Air Jihlava fleet, get relief from all worries and indulge in flying only.

Airplane operation by Air Jihlava company is governed by a contract signed by an aiplane owner and our company. The contract determines airplane operation financing, operator´s responsibilities, possibilities of airplane utilization - all that with respect to the owner´s wishes. Therefore it is possible to choose from a wide range of conditions beginning with the situation when the aircraft is operated by the owner only to an operation fully organized by the operator.

Advantages of operating under Air Jihlava:

  • no worries with maintenance, continuing airworthiness management and other administrative duties including keeping the whole flight documentation.
  • the possibility of flights for Air Jihlava (with the owner´s consent), accumulation of more flight hours and consequently decreasing the price of a flight hour.
  • logistic support and assistance with a particular flight planning.
  • airplane is always ready for the flight according to the owner´s needs.


Disadvantages or obligations:

  • it is necessary to follow operating and organization procedures of Air Jihlava.